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1) Présentation

What is the TEF?

TEF is a test of general French issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris (CCIP) to assess the level of French language for non native French speakers. The test is valid for a year. The test gives a linguistical photography of your level graded following the European frame for languages and the Canadian linguistical Standard.

 3 compulsory tests

 2 optional tests

 Reading Comprehension (60 mn)  Written expresssion (60 mn)
 Listening Comprehension (40 mn)  Spoken expression (35 mn)
 Structure and Vocabulary (30 mn)


  • Canadian Federal Government requires comprehension & expression sections for immigration purposes. 
  • No diploma is required to take the TEF exams. 
  • You can take the TEF exams as much as you want. 
  • A results certificate, sent to you by the Alliance Française Bahrain, is valid for one year.

What is the TEFAQ?

The TEFAQ is an adapted version of the TEF for immigration purposes to Quebec.

The exam is divided in two parts : A 40 minutes listening exam, and a 15minutes oral exam.

NEW: You can also choose to take the optional writing and reading exam. 

What is the “TEF Naturalisation”?

The “TEF Naturalisation” is an adapted version of the TEF required for French naturalization.

The exam is divided in two parts : A 40 minutes listening exam, and a 15minutes oral exam.

For more information : TEF and CECR

For training : TEF, Ed Hachette et TEF, Ed Cle International TEF et CECR :

2. Calendar 2018 for the TEF – TEFAQ – TEF NAT

3. Price


4. Registration

To register :

1. Fill in and sign the registration form.

Registration form TEF

2. Bring with you two ID photos, one copy of your passport and the payment.

For a registration by email or for more information, contact the Alliance française :  00 973 17 683 295 or , or

4. Preparation

2- Compréhension orale

3- Expressions écrite

4- Expression orale

5- Lexique et structure

6- Downloadable Sound files (Zip format) 

  • Useful Links

1- Know more about Français 3.0 mobile app

2- Hachette FLE

3- Cle Inter

  • Tutorials

1- Compréhension orale

2- Expression orale

5. Result

  • Results should be available after 6 weeks as per Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris (CCIP).
  • Results can be collected directly from Alliance française Bahrain or can be delivered through Aramex (additional charges will apply).